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Eye examination

At Sheehan Opticians, your eye examination will consist of various tests to evaluate the health of your eyes and determine the best prescription lenses (if necessary) to give you the optimum vision and comfort.  The eye exam includes a detailed health screening for eye disease including Cataracts, Glaucoma, Age Related Macular Degeneration and Diabetic Retinopathy.  We use the latest  equipment and include digital photography of the internal eye at no extra cost. 

PRSI and Medical Card patients are most welcome.

Contact lens fitting

A contact lens assessment is required to determine the most suitable contact lens type to meet your requirements and includes free contact lens trials. At Sheehan Opticians, we will ensure that you are confident on all aspects of lens care and handling before you take your free contact lens trials home for the first time.

Driver vision testing

If you are learning to drive or are renewing your licence this year, be sure to have your eyes examined at Sheehan Opticians. According to the Road Safety Authority (RSA), a driver must meet particular visual and medical standards before a driver's licence can be issued. The requirements vary depending on whether a Group 1 or Group 2 licence is needed. We have the necessary equipment to carry out vision screening for all types of driving licences.

Colour vision screening

Perfect colour vision is necessary for certain careers including electrical, mechanical, aeronautical and for entry to Garda Siochana. We can provide 'Ishihara' and 'The City University' colour vision screening tests.

VDU screening

Under the Health and Safety in the Workplace Act, an employer must provide all employees with an eye exam every two years to ensure safe and comfortable operation of a computer with minimal eyestrain. For more information, see our Corporate Eyecare section.

Safety Eyewear

Workplace accidents are a common occurrence and many are preventable. Under the Health and Safety in the Workplace Act, an employer must provide Safety eyewear to those working in risky environments, especially where there is a chance for foreign bodies or chemicals to enter the eye. Our safety spectacles are certified to meet European standards EN166.

Sport vision assessment

A sports vision assessment at Sheehan Opticians is a must for all sports enthusiasts. This involves a detailed eye examination to ensure optimal visual comfort in your chosen sport. We supply a wide range of sports goggles, prescription swimming goggles, shooting glasses, prescription sunglasses, prescription ski goggles, squash goggles and contact lenses.

Low vision assessment

It is difficult to come to terms with severe visual impairment. We can assess your visual needs and offer magnifiers, reading aids, tinted contrast enhancing filters and lenses to ensure that visual impairment doesn't mean loss of independent living. We liaise with NCBI-National Council for the Blind on services available locally.

Dry eye management

Dry eye is a very common condition that can cause varying levels of ocular discomfort and irritation. Our Optometrist can recommend ocular lubricants, eyelid hygiene methods and punctal occlusion to minimize symptoms caused by dry eye.

Home visits

We are happy to arrange home visits for anyone who is unable to attend Sheehan Opticians personally due to illness or poor mobility. We can also arrange to visit those who reside in Nursing Homes.


Accidents happen and spectacles may need to be repaired occasionally. Most minor repairs are free of charge and can be done while you wait. If we are unable to fix your glasses on site, we will send them to a specialist optical laboratory.

Hearing centre

Free hearing tests are available at Sheehan Opticians twice a month in association with Advance Hearing.



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