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Childrens Eyecare

Childrens eyecare

Children of all ages are most welcome at Sheehan Opticians. Don't forget about our 2 for 1 offer on children's frames over €69.

It is estimated that 5% -10% of pre-school children and 25% of school going children have vision problems. Defective vision can be a barrier to effective learning and concentration. Your child might not even complain about vision problems as they may not know any different.

Eye Examinations

All children should have their eyes examined before they start primary school. When a child is born, their eyes will usually be checked by a Paediatrician for any obvious problems. They should be monitored at regular intervals as they get older. If there is a family history of amblyopia (lazy eye) or strabismus (turn in the eye), a child should have their vision checked aged 1-2 years and at regular intervals thereafter. It is important that children are examined at this age to ensure early detection of amblyopia or strabismus. Children will only respond to vision therapy or treatment for a lazy eye up until the age of 8. The earlier these problems are detected, the more successful treatment is likely to be.

Many children are also examined at H.S.E. community clinics. At Sheehan Opticians, we are happy to dispense spectacles to children with prescriptions issued by H.S.E. clinics or from private Ophthalmologists. However, there is no provision in eyecare by the H.S.E. at present to children aged from 12-16 years. At Sheehan Opticians, we are delighted to look after the eyecare needs of children of all ages.

Childrens Frames

We stock an extensive collection of children's frames to suit all tastes and budgets including Barbie, Shrek, Skechers, Eye Stuff, Star Wars ranges to name but a few. We also stock Flexon frames which are flexible and tough.

For children who play sport, we also stock prescription sports goggles and swimming goggles. In some cases, children may be considered for contact lens fitting for use in certain sports.

Children are busy people and their glasses can become mysteriously bent, broken and mis-shapen! At Sheehan Opticians, we offer complimentary repair of glasses. It is essential to a child's visual development that their glasses are fitting properly.

Make an appointment today at Sheehan Opticians if your child complains of / displays any of the following signs and symptoms:

  • Turned eye
  • Blurry vision
  • Squinting or head tilting
  • Poor hand-eye co-ordination
  • Sitting very close to the TV
  • Holding books etc very close
  • Closing one eye to focus on near or distant objects
  • Poor performance in school (copying friends work etc.)


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